Finatic 2020 Finance and Business Quiz Prelims + Finals St. Stephen’s College Delhi

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These are the prelims and finals questions and answers of Finatic 2020, the Finance and Business Quiz organized by the Finance and Investment Cell of St. Stephen’s College Delhi on their Das Capital 2020 event.

Finance and Business Quiz Prelims 2020.

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Question- 1

    • An X coefficient is a measure of the volatility, or systematic risk, of an individual stock in comparison to the unsystematic risk of the entire market. In statistical terms, it represents the slope of the line through a regression of data points from an individual stock’s returns against those of the market.
    • X is depicted in the picture. 
  • finance quiz


  • Identify X

Answer- BETA

Questions 2

  • In recent years, the popularity of blockchain technology has grown tremendously due to being the core of cryptocurrency transactions and its potential to disrupt most industries.
  • It is approximated that 0.5% of the world population currently uses blockchain technology.
  • The first blockchain platform in the crypto-sphere was invented by an individual or a group of people using the pseudonym X in 2008. 


  • Find X. 


Answer- Satoshi Nakamoto


Question 3


  • Connect


  • Jawed Karim
  • Jeremy Stoppelman
  • Elon Musk
  • Andrew McCormack
  • Premal Shah
  • Luke Nosek
  • Ken Howery
  • David O. Sacks
  • Peter Thiel
  • Keith Rabois
  • Reid Hoffman
  • Max Levchin
  • Roelof Botha
  • Russel Simmons

Answer- Paypal Mafia

Question 4

  • X once had other interests apart from playing political musical chairs. 
  • X was once a model for a garment store in Nagpur. Photographer Vivek Ranade revealed that he roped E for his clients a long time ago. 
  • His friends were equally instrumental in giving him a breakthrough into the world of modeling by pushing him into the field which resulted in his photos finding a place on the billboards in Maharashtra.
  • A few photos of X show him posing in a bright red patterned shirt and wearing a grey sweatshirt. He also seems to have appeared in an ad where he poses as a chef. But these were photos from around 13 years ago.
  •  He is now only seen in plain shirts and kurtas in keeping with his image as a politician. 

Answer- Devendra Fadnavis


Question 5

  • Kenneth Rogoff is an American economist who served as the Economic Counselor to the IMF from 2001 to 2003. Along with his academic achievements, he also holds the highest title in a particular sport.
  •  He had dropped out of high school to concentrate on the sport but later he made the decision to pursue a career in economics.
  •  He continued to play and improve in the sport and also drew with the World Champion of the sport in 2012. 


  • Identify the sport and the title.

Answer- Chess


Question 6

  • X investing is a strategy that overlooks the significance of industry or economic factors and instead focuses on the analyses of individual stocks and companies.
    •  Analysts will focus on the idiosyncratic, microeconomic circumstances surrounding the company or security to bring about change in the macroeconomic scenario of any unit. 


  • ID X

Answer- Bottum up Strategy

Question 7

  • Matsushita Electric Industrial Co. Ltd was started by Konosuke Matsushita in 1918 with fan insulator plates.
  •  In the post World War boom, it began producing black-and-white TVs, washing machines, refrigerators, and ACs. By the 1950s it had expanded globally. 
  • In 2008 it changed its name. What is the new name?


Answer- Panasonic

Question 8

  • My logo represents a snow-covered peak, symbolizing my commitment to the highest quality and finest European craftsmanship. 
  • Hugh Jackman is my Global Brand Ambassador.


  • Who am I? 



Answer- Mont Blanc

Question 9

  • G is one of the many approaches a company may adopt to prevent a hostile takeover.
  •  In G, the target company issues a large number of bonds with the condition they must be redeemed at a high price if the company is taken over. The issuance has to be big enough to scare off the raider.
  • It is known as G because if a bidder tries to purchase the company, the redemption price of the bonds expands like G.


  • Identify G 


Answer-Macaroni Defense

Question 10

  • From the 1980s-90s, American Express was known for cutting its merchant fees to merchants and restaurants if they accepted only American Express and no other credit or charge cards. (With a higher fee of 3.5% as compared to 1.5-2% charged by American Express’ competitors).
  • This prompted competitors such as Visa and MasterCard to cry foul as the tactics “locked” restaurants into American Express. The practice ended in 1991, as several restaurants in Boston started accepting and encouraging the use of Visa and MasterCard because of their far lower fees as compared to American Express. 
  • What was this turn of events labeled by the national media, referring to an incident involving a lot of face paint and floating crates? 

Answer-Boston Fee Party

Question 11

  • Charles Ranlett Flint (1850 –1934) was the founder of a giant corporation, X, which was, then, known by a different name. For his financial dealings, he earned the moniker “Father of Trusts”.
  • He consolidated several companies to form U.S. Rubber. He also consolidated many chewing gum companies to form American Chicle. He is, however, best remembered for X which was formed by an amalgamation of four companies.
  • X holds the record for the most U.S. patents generated by a business for 26 consecutive years.


  • Identify X


Answer- IBM

Finatic Finance and Business Quiz 2020 Prelims Questions and answers from St. Stephen’s College Delhi

Question 12

  • X was an American company headquartered in Houston. Before its great fall, it was named by Fortune as “America’s Most Innovative Company” for six consecutive years.
  • Since its fall it has become a well-known example of willful corporate fraud and corruption, which has led to the enactment of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, lead to the pruning of the Big Five, cited as the biggest audit failure and inspired an award-winning documentary.


  • Identify X.


Answer- Enron

Question 13

  • In a first for this ‘firm’, C is opening a retail store and flogging underwear, make-up and jeweler to customers in a Midwest shopping mall (Mall of America)
  • The line-up comprises jeweler Kendra Scott; type: A Deodorant; Elevé Cosmetics; and ThirdLove, a “body-positive” clicks-to-bricks lingerie company.
  • The Mall is not charging the C for renting the space, as this shop will not at all be close to breaking even. C hopes to get rewarded through the data the shop help generates (for which Microsoft has decided to duly get involved).


  • Identify C


Answer- McKinsey

Question 14


  • ID X


  • Mumbai: Maratha
  • Delhi: Maurya
  • Agra: Mughal
  • Kolkata: Sonar, Royal Bengal
  • Jaipur: X 

Answer- Rajputana

Question 15

  • June 2007 was a watershed moment for this football club as ex-Thai Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra bought it to revive its fortunes.
  • The promise of big-money signings and success made ‘Frank’, as he was known to fans, a very popular man amongst them at least after his £81million takeover. Sven-Goran Eriksson was brought in to replace the much-maligned Stuart Pearce as the club looked to get on an upward curve.
  • Initially, they were in the top four over the opening months only for the second half of the campaign to be an abject failure as many of the club’s imports struggled to cope with the rigors of Premier League football. They ended the season losing to Middlesborough 8-1.
  • Shinawatra finally had to sell the club shortly after due to his growing unpopularity.


  • Which football club is being referred to?


Answer-Manchester City

Question 16

  • One in 4 unemployed Americans has been required to go through an X check when they applied for a job. One in 10 has been denied a job due to information on their X report.
  • There is an online dating service based on X, for those who are concerned with the X situation of a potential mate. 
  • Initially, X was measured by character judgments and it was only in 1956 when a mathematician and an engineer came together to form a standardized X system.


  • Identify X


Answer- Credit Test

Question 17

  • In 1946, Erling Persson opens a women’s clothing store in Sweden called Hennes which later on added hunting apparel, fishing equipment to finally become the multinational giant today.
  • It is the company’s tradition to have the new employees celebrate the opening of a new store by performing a choreographed dance in front of customers and the press.
  •  The customers can also give out unwanted clothes by ‘ any brand, in any condition, at any of our stores every single day of the year’ for coupons.


  • Identify this store


Answer- H&M

Question 18

  • It started off as a grocery trading store in 1938. Lee Byung-Chull, the founder began by trading noodles, dried fish and vegetables. 
  • It soon expanded to textiles, construction work, logistics, and insurance.
  • They now have a presence in 80 fields including shipbuilding, aerospace manufacture, oil mining, telecommunications, and nanotechnology.

Answer- Samsung

Question 19

  • The history of X spans nearly 100 years. X’s top-selling products are produced in massive amounts, there are nearly 80 of these products for every person on the planet. 
  • X is also the largest manufacturer of Rubber tires. 
  • The first Google computer at Stanford was housed in custom-made enclosures constructed from the product by X. 
  • Ole Kirk Christiansen (1891-1958) created the X in 1932 as a way to use old wood from his failed carpentry business.

Answer- LEGO

Question 20 (Connect the 4 images)


Answer- ARM

  • 1. Its headquarters in Cambridgeshire, in the United Kingdom. The picture shows King’s College Chapel, seen from the Backs


  • 2. The acronym ARM was first used in 1983 and originally stood for “Acorn RISC Machine. The character Scrat from the Ice Age franchise is shown with his acorn.


  • 3. ARM, alongside Cisco Systems, Dell, Intel, Microsoft, and Princeton University, founded the OpenFog Consortium, to promote interests and development in fog computing. Foggy trees in the pic.


  • 4. Zainichi Korean is a person of Korean descent staying in Japan. Masayoshi Son is a Zainichi Korean. He is the Chairman of ARM Holdings.

Finatic Finance and Business Quiz 2020 Finals Questions and answers from St. Stephen’s College Delhi

The cut off for the prelims was 7/20 and the top 7 teams qualified for the final round of Finatic. The questions from the finals are below.

30 Questions in 3 Rounds

Infinite Pounce and Bounce 

All typographical and grammatical errors are intentional.

  1. Never disobey the QM
  2. Never forget rule one.


Question 1

P accounting refers to the opaque or creative accounting methods used by the film, video, and television industry to budget and record profits for film projects. Expenditures can be inflated to reduce or eliminate the reported profit of the project, thereby reducing the amount which the corporation must pay in taxes and royalties or other profit-sharing agreements, as these are based on the net profit.

A number of cases of creative accounting have been successfully pursued in court including films like Forrest Gump, Spider-Man, Gone in 60 Seconds.

Identify P

Answer- P – Hollywood

Question 2

RC is an artificial ecosystem linked to the real-time dynamics of the stock market.

Stars representing companies and creatures representing speculators are projected into a domed ceiling in a dark room, creating an artificial night sky that visualizes the dynamics of the world stock markets. Within this world, a creature’s survival depends upon the strategies it uses to explore its world. The more a company is traded, the richer the food source for the creatures. Consequently, changes in trading patterns can be seen in the planetarium as explosions of life surrounding specific clusters of stars.

The name of the project is a pun on ____, a widely used equation in financial derivatives pricing which earned two of its three inventors a Nobel Prize.

Identify RC

Answer- RC – Black Shoals

Question 3

The centenary anniversary of X’s visit to Mauritius was celebrated on a national scale in 2001. X made a 21 day trip to Mauritius and it left an impression on his mind and he mentions Mauritius at least ten times between 1896 and 1914. There, he performed his ‘experiments’ which were later produced on a large scale in a different country.

He also remembered and mentioned Mauritius during a watershed event in his country and used it as an example of harboring a harmonious environment between communities. 

Identify X and the event


Answer- X – Mahatma Gandhi

Event – The Partition


The Queen’s Beasts are ten heraldic statues representing the genealogy of Queen Elizabeth II. They are depicted as the Royal Supporters of England. Each of the Queen’s Beasts consists of a heraldic statue supporting a shield bearing a badge or arms of a family associated with the ancestry of Queen Elizabeth II.

So there is 

A of England

B of Scotland

C of Wales

Identify A, B, C


A – Lion

B – Unicorn

C – Red Dragon


X silver coins are Armenian bullion coins issued since 2011. The coin has a nominal value of 500 Dram (1 ounce) and is a legal tender in Armenia. The motif of the coin remains constant. The motif represents a mythological narrative, X. The ‘resting place’ in the narrative forms a major part of the national identity of Armenia though physically it has been lost to Turkey. Its symbolic figure can still be seen in the Coat of Arms of Armenia.

Identify X and the ‘resting place’


X – Noah’s Ark

Resting Place – Mount Ararat

Finatic Finance and Business Quiz 2020 Finals Questions and answers from St. Stephen’s College Delhi


When Sékou Touré of Guinea decided in 1958 to get out of its colonial empire, and opted for the country’s independence, the colonial elite got so furious, that in a historic act of fury, the administration in Guinea destroyed everything in the country which represented what they called the benefits from colonization.

The purpose of this outrageous act was to send a clear message to all other colonies that the consequences of rejecting the country would be very high. Slowly fear spread trough the African elite, and none, after the Guinea events, ever found the courage to follow the example of Sékou Touré, whose slogan was “We prefer freedom in poverty to opulence in slavery.”

Sylvanus Olympio, the first president of the Republic of Togo, a tiny country in west Africa, found a middle ground solution by issuing a new currency but was shortly assassinated by the colonialists. More or less the countries in West Africa were subjugated to a common currency which required them to submit a part of their reserves to the colonists. These countries have only recently been able to get themselves out from the arrangement and the ECOWAS (Union of West African States) have plans to replace their currency with ECO. 

Name the currency and the colonist country involved


Old currency – CFA franc

Colonist country – France



This is the old 10 swiss franc note which had this controversial personality, known for his affinity towards fascism and to support the Vichy government, and the master plan of a city he designed at the back. 

The city map plan has the layout of ‘Palace of Justice’ behind it

Identify the personality and the city



Le Corbusier



This is a coin from the coronation of George V when he was proclaimed as the Emperor of India.

The coin resulted in a controversy due to poor engraving. 

So take a close look at the coin and tell what was the coin derogatorily called?


Answer-  It was called the Pig Rupee


X is a city, fishing port, tourism center and district headquarters in southeastern Bangladesh. The beach in X, with an unbroken length of 155 km (96 mi), is often termed as the “longest natural unbroken sea beach” in the world. Another name of X is Palongkee.

X is named after a market that was set-up in commemoration of an East Indian officer. He was appointed as the Superintendent of Palongkee and he embarked upon the task of rehabilitation and settlement of Arakanese refugees in the area.

Identify X

Answer- X – Cox’s Bazar


The protagonists of a phenomenon, popularised by Charles Mackay’s book  Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds, were given exalted names like Admiral and Viceroy. Some were also derived from the names of famous generals like Alexander the Great and Scipio. The most notorious one had the name of Semper Augustus.

The phenomenon is considered to be the first recorded example of an economic situation.

What is the phenomenon?

Answer-Tulip Mania


The currency used in the game The Legend of Zelda is X. In the game manual it was named after a gemstone but after the release the name changed to X. 

X can be acquired by defeating enemies, cutting tall grass or bushes, throwing rocks, smashing pots, rolling or dashing into trees, winning mini-games or found inside Treasure Chests.

X is/was also the currency of about a dozen countries.

Identify X

Answer-X – Rupee


BCD is a temporary recovery from a prolonged decline or a bear market that is followed by the continuation of the downtrend. It is a small, short-lived recovery in the price of a declining security, such as a stock. Frequently, downtrends are interrupted by brief periods of recovery — or small rallies — where prices temporarily rise. The name is based on the notion that even a BC will D if it falls far enough and fast enough.

The phrase is also popularly applied to any case where a subject experiences a brief resurgence during or following a severe decline.

Identify BCD

Answer-BCD – Dead Cat Bounce

Finance Quiz 


The Big Short is a 2015 American film based on the 2010 book The Big Short: Inside the Doomsday Machine by Michael Lewis showing how the financial crisis of 2007–2008 was triggered by the United States housing bubble.

It featured cameo appearances by Margot Robbie, Selena Gomez, X & Y.

X explained the concept of Collateralized Debt Options(CDO) with the help of seafood stew. X came into public news in 2018.

Y, an extremely famous and influential Nobel-winning economist, explained CDO through the game of Blackjack. He, along with Selena Gomez, helped explain the hot-hand fallacy in the movie.

Identify X & Y 

Answer: X – Anthony Bourdain

Y – Richard Thaler


‘The A and the B: Understanding Globalization’ is a 1999 book by Thomas L. Friedman that posits that the world is currently undergoing two struggles: the drive for prosperity and development, symbolized by A, and the desire to retain identity and traditions, symbolized by the B. He says he came to this realization while eating a sushi box lunch on a Japanese bullet train after visiting an A factory and reading an article about conflict in the Middle East.

A is Japan’s largest-selling make of premium cars and has ranked among the 10 largest Japanese global brands in market value. B is considered sacred and has been used as a symbol of peace, glory, and abundance from time immemorial.

Identify A & B 

Answer- A – Lexus

B – Olive Tree


Hesiod was a Greek poet generally thought to have been active between 750 and 650 BC, around the same time as Homer. He is considered as the author of the classic ‘Theogony’.

‘The Works and Days’ is a poem of over 800 lines which revolves around two general truths: labor is the universal lot of Man, but he who is willing to work will get by. Scholars have interpreted this work against a background of agrarian crisis in mainland Greece, which inspired a wave of documented colonisations in search of new land. This poem has led Hesiod being regarded as the world’s first B.

Identify B

Answer- B – Economist


I is a neologism coined by Danny Miller in his 1990 book by the same name. The term refers to the phenomenon of businesses failing abruptly after a period of apparent success, where this failure is brought about by the very elements that led to their initial success.

Companies that have suffered from I include – Laura Ashley, Atari, Digital Equipment, Tupperware, Revlon, Xerox.

I is a character from Greek philosophy who is famous for venturing too far, which led to his descent.

Identify the paradox

Answer- I – Icarus

Finance Quiz 


Maytas was a group of companies founded by H. It included Maytas Properties and Maytas Infra Limited.

H who was also the CEO of a much more infamous company tried unsuccessfully to acquire Maytas in order to save the infamous company.

Identify H and the infamous company

Answer- H – Ramalinga Raju




A set of instructions known as the “Ten Commandments for Z  has been attributed to an Austro-Hungarian Victor Lustig:

  • Be a patient listener.
  • Never look bored.
  • Wait for the other person to reveal any political opinions, then agree with them.
  • Let the other person reveal religious views, then have the same ones.
  • Hint at sex talk, but don’t follow it up unless the other person shows a strong interest.
  • Never discuss illness, unless some special concern is shown.
  • Never pry into a person’s personal circumstances.
  • Never boast.
  • Never be untidy.
  • Never get drunk.
  • Never get jealous.

    What are these the commandments for?

Answer- Z – Con Men


Hundi is a financial instrument that developed in medieval India for use in trade and credit transactions.

There are many types of Hundis:

J normally a hundi is unconditional but a J hundi is conditional in the sense that the drawer promises to pay the amount of the hundi only on the satisfaction of a certain condition. Such a hundi is not negotiable. It is called J because there is a possibility that the drawee won’t get the money.

K In case there is any kind of defect in the hundi or in case the hundi has been forged, then such a hundi is known as a K hundi. K literally means a counterfeit.

Identify J and K

Answer- J – Jokhim

K – Khoti



Generali is an Italian insurance company, the largest in Italy and third in the world.

X worked for Generali for 9 months in the early twentieth century. His correspondence during that period indicates that he was unhappy with a work schedule—from 08:00 until 18:00 — that made it extremely difficult to concentrate on writing. His writing, which fused elements of realism and the fantastic, explored the themes of alienation, existential anxiety, guilt, and absurdity.

Identify X

Answer- X – Franz Kafka



C is a small wine-making town and commune in far south-eastern Luxembourg, on the western bank of the river Moselle. The commune border includes the tripoint where the borders of Germany, France, and Luxembourg meet.

C came into global prominence in 1985. This event helped the European countries to decrease their cost from about 0.42% to 1.59% depending on geography, trade partners, and other factors.

Identify C

Answer- C – Schengen



An H is the personal representative of a head of state or government who prepares an international summit, particularly the annual G7 and G20 summits. Between the G7 summits, there are multiple H conferences where possible agreements are laid out. This reduces the amount of time and resources required at the negotiations of the heads of state at the final summit.

The word H is used due to the fact that H clears the way for a head of state at a major summit.

Shaktikanta Das before becoming the RBI Governor was India’s H at the G20.

H has also appeared in Tintin.

Identify H

Answer- H – Sherpa


Robert Christopher Tytler was a British soldier, naturalist, and photographer. 

He was present in Delhi during the 1857 rebellion when soldiers of his own unit rebelled against the officers. He later played a conspicuous role in the siege. 

Later he was transferred as the Superintendent of the Convict Settlement at Port Blair.

His wife lends her name to a natural site that is frequently seen by Indians.


Answer- Harriet Tytler National Park


X is a certain magic square of order 3 constructed using rice flour and drawn on the floors of several houses in South India. It is believed that if one worships X as ordained in the scriptures, he/she will be rewarded with wealth and prosperity.

In this magic square, the numbers in each row, and in each column, and the numbers in the forward and backward main diagonals, all add up to the same number, namely, 72.

The Lost Symbol has a reference to X.

Identify X

Answer- X – Kuberakolam


AC is an area within the town of Carroll, New Hampshire whose principal points of interest are three leisure and recreation facilities.

The Mount Washington Hotel and Resort is one in the last surviving handful of New Hampshire grand hotels. In 1944, a host of intellectuals camped in the hotel for 19 days. 

AC became famous by lending its name to the agreement which had an impact on the whole world.

Identify AC 

Answer- AC – Bretton Woods

Finance Quiz 


A is a special bazaar to sell items to raise money for charity and non-profit organizations. It also refers to a number of modern-day shopping centers and retail stores.

During the Mughal era A, also known as Kuhs Ruz (“Day of Joy”) were exclusively held for women, while the emperor and a few princes were the only males present. It was started by Humayun.

A also refers to a bazaar of the famous Qaisarbagh in Lucknow.

Identify A

Answer- A – Meena Bazar


Abdul Latif Jameel is a family-owned diversified business founded in Saudi Arabia in 1945 by the late Sheikh Abdul Latif Jameel. 

An academic center, aimed at reducing poverty by ensuring that policy is informed by scientific evidence, was renamed in honor of Abdul Latif Jameel when his son, an MIT alumnus, made large endowments to it. The founders of the center were in news for being only the sixth in an illustrious list.

Name the founders and what is the list about?

Answer-  Abhijeet Banerjee and Esther Duflo

Couples to win Nobel Prize


Whenever a married minister died, his salary was transferred to his successor. If the dead man was married, his widow and children could find themselves without either income or home. 

Dr. Robert Wallace and Alexander Webster decided something needed to be done. They wanted to create a fund that would provide ministers’ widows with a pension. 

In the process, they came up with the first _________, which, based on their nationality and Target clientele, was called X (two-word term).

In the process, what science/discipline did they come up with, and what is X? No need for FITB. 

Answer-Statistics, or at least the first application of it.
Calculations predicted that by 1765 the fund would be £58,348. In fact, the actual amount in the fund was £58,347. 

X – Scottish Widows



N has a unique business model – they design, test, manufacture, and retail their own brands. Their research and development team employs 700 people that work meticulously on new products and new designs of existing products

The brands have their own individual operating style and N just helps in handling activities like marketing.

N, though localizes its business to suit the local needs there are some things they don’t compromise on like store locations in terms of space and potential to promote their domain in a healthy manner. N also tries to make it’s business model beneficial to its customers by reducing profit margins as much as they can.

Identify N

Answer- Decathlon


Morgan Spurlock is a quirky filmmaker whose films have been successful commercially.

One of his movies, Super Size Me 2: the holy chicken was on opening and operating a fried chicken restaurant to investigate whether fast food is healthy or not.

One of his other films, starring him as the main protagonist, is “POM Wonderful Presents: The Greatest Movie Ever Sold”. It is a  2011 documentary film about product placement, marketing, and advertising.

Taking a cue from Morgan’s nature, guess the plot of the film.

Answer- Morgan Spurlock finding sponsors for the film who will place their products in the movie as advertisements 


The 18th official Bond film, Tomorrow Never Dies (1997) was the first film in cinematic history to have product placement covering its entire production budget of $110 million. 

Sponsoring companies included BMW, Ericsson cell phones, Bollinger champagne, Omega watches, Dunhill, Brioni clothing, Avis rental cars, Golden Wonder potato chips, L’Oréal cosmetics, VISA, and Heineken beer. 

As a result of all this, what was this Bond vehicle parodically titled by popular media?

Answer- License to Sell


RB Leipzig (operating through Red Bull), the current table-toppers in the Bundesliga, have a long history of being scorned due to their commercial nature (similar to Red Bull’s clubs in Austria, US, Ghana, etc.) which they have been able to circumnavigate even after strict regulations.

One case being the statutes of the German Football Association deter big investors from taking over its clubs. According to the so-called “50+1” rule, clubs must hold a majority of their own voting rights.

Eg: In Borussia Dortmund’s case, this means that 139,000 paying members have a veto over issues such as ticket prices.

How has Red Bull been able to bypass this rule?

Answer- The influential employees of Red Bull own the shares


Normally, the price of shares in an IPO is set by an investment bank after conducting several valuation calculations and talking to potential investors.   But an AD is theoretically more efficient at finding the “right” price that equates supply and demand. 

Supporters of this method say that small investors get more access to IPOs because the traditional offering process involves investment banks funneling IPO shares to their best clients, who reap quick profits (assuming the stock price rises). But some analysts theorize that buyers pay more for stock sold in an AD because under the traditional method investment banks typically underprice offerings to make sure all the shares sell. Also, they say shareholders benefit when shares are sold using traditional methods because the initial spike often associated with traditional IPOs creates an image of success that drives the stock even higher. This is one reason shares sold in an AD don’t usually have the same run-up in price immediately after they begin trading.

The U.S. Treasury uses this method to sell Treasury securities, and many U.S. companies use the method for share buybacks


Answer- AD – Dutch Auction


In British naval tradition, a day of the week when galley kitchens served no meat on board ship was known as J day. 

The term is borrowed from the Js in the East Indies, a caste that ate nothing that had life. In Bengal, the term is applied to all people who are involved in moneylending and similar activities, and elsewhere it is used in the more limited sense of referring to specific castes.

Identify the caste

Answer- Bania

These are the set of prelims and finals questions and answers from Finatic Finance and Business Quiz by the Finance and Investment Cell of St. Stephen’s College Delhi.

Finance Quiz

Credits- Finance & Investment Cell of St. Stephen’s College Delhi. 

Event Name – Finatic Finance & Business Quiz

Fest- Das Capital 2020

Date- 14th January 2020

Organizer- Finance and Investment Cell

Quiz Master – Tanmay Chindalia (Finals)

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(Digital Readiness) Q1. Who is this extremely important innovator, and the founder pf Khan Academy.Answer : Sal Khan Q2. A great man who said "school sometimes...

Tcs Inquizitive 2023. 10th Quarter final

First Round (Predictive Intelligence) Q1. This Google doodle was made to celebrate Olas Romer's experiment which determined what important quality or quantity is .............................?Answer : Calculate...

TCS Inquizitive 2023 National Finals

First Frontier  (Predictive Intelligence) Q1. What is the cause of these marks on the face of the Moon?Answer : ISS TransitQ2. Known as Fox Sedge tree...
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