First Round

(Predictive Intelligence)

Q1. This Google doodle was made to celebrate Olas Romer’s experiment which determined what important quality or quantity is ………………………..?

Answer : Calculate the speed of light

Q2. The activation of erector ply muscle causes What phenomenon in our body?

Answer: Goosebumps

Q3. What element is added to fireworks to achieve the bright yellow color?

Answer : Sodium

Q4. What is the name of the world largest Delta system?

Answer: Sunderban delta

Q5. This is the molecular and structural formula of what compound available in shops?

Answer : Baking Soda

Q6. What is the main other Constituent of stainless steel other than Carbon and Iron.

Answer : Chromium

Second Round

(Leveraging technology)

Q1. What Did the Ajay Bhatt Invent that made data transfer very easy for the entire world?

Answer : USB (Universal Serial Bus)

Q2. This is the logo of which Multinational financial technology company?

Answer : Paypal

Q3. When Working on the document this key help us to?

Answer : save the document

Q4. What item is made using these devices?

Answer : Coffee

Q5. By what name, is the magnetic reading part of a tape machine Known as?

Answer : Magnetic Head

Q6. If the Country Code of top level domain is “” than identify the name of the country?

Answer : China

Third Round

(generative intelligence)

Q1. This is the blue print of which iconic building or structure with a lot of history?

Answer : Buckingham Palaces

Q2. What is this machine, which is used to level Earth or the surface of the Earth Known as?

Answer : Bulldozer

Q3. What is this the working Mechanism that is used in?

Answer : Seat belt in a car

Q4. What type of Iron it is which is known as MI?

Answer : Malleable Iron

Q5. What is the name of this device which is used to measure angles of slope?

Answer : Inclinometer

Q6. What is the name of this concrete blocks attached to the back of a crane?

Answer : Counterweight

Fourth Round

(Cloud Power)

Q1. What is the SI Unit of Energy?

Answer : Joule

Q2. In Which Country would you be to climb the highest single free standing Mountain above sea level that is Mount Kilimanjaro?

Answer : Tanzania

Q3. Shrimp Can see many more colors than human can true or false?

Answer : True

Q4. What Invention is Alessandro Volta credited with?

Answer : Battery

Q5. Which of these elements is radioactive in nature, Thorium or lithium?

Answer : Thorium

Q6. In the medical scanning procedure MRI, What Does the letter “R” Stand for?

Answer :  Resonance

Q7. In the biological entity mRNA What Does “M” Stand for?

Answer : Messenger